Terms of Use

Delivery is available to all West Bank cities and East Jerusalem.

Estimated Delivery Time
We aim to process all orders within 24 hours, Saturday-Thursday 9:00 – 21:00. Delivery within Palestine typically takes 5-7 business days once your order has been processed.

Order Tracking
If a tracking number is provided by the courier, we will update your order with the tracking information.

Delivery Rates
The rate charged for the delivery is 20 NIS for orders below 99 NIS. Free Delivery is provided for any purchases over 99NIS unless otherwise stated.

Out of Stock
All orders are subject to availability. We do our best to accurately track inventory, however, occasionally we sell out of items before online orders can be filled. If an item you have ordered is not available, we will contact you to ask if you would like:

  1. the out of stock item sent when it becomes available. No additional delivery charges will be applied if the full order is already paid OR
  2. an alternative item of the same value. We do not provide refunds, but may offer a gift voucher if the item has been discontinued or no suitable alternative is available.

Cash on Delivery
You must provide at least one mobile or landline number so the courier can arrange a suitable time to deliver. Please be available at the agreed time and have the correct amount ready for the courier to collect. If payment isn’t available, the order will not be left and an additional charge may apply to re-deliver the order.

Special Instructions
There is a text box at the check out to add any notes or special instructions to your order.

Damaged Goods

If you receive your order and it has been damaged during transit, please contact us immediately at [email protected] so we can resolve the issue.

Return requests can be submitted via our return form here

Refund and Cancellation Policies

A – Anyone who purchases a product through the website http://www.3tlabak.com has the right to cancel the purchase process according to the Consumer Protection Law Reference, 1981 (“Consumer Protection Law”).

B – The following are the abrogation laws in brief (the full cancellation laws are contained in the Consumer Protection Act, which states as follows:

When purchasing the product – from the day of completion of the purchase (completion of the purchase transaction) and up to 14 days from the moment of receipt of the product or receive any document Documentation of the purchase of the product shall be in accordance with subparagraph 14c (b) under the Consumer Protection Act, or whichever is further.

In the event of purchasing a service / service item – within 14 days from the date of completion of the transaction / purchase or from the date of receipt and confirmation of completion The purchase of the Service pursuant to sub-paragraph 14c (b) under the Consumer Protection Act, or whichever is further.

As follows: a continuous transaction (as defined in the Consumer Protection Act) – it is either a transaction initiated in the provision of the service or not.

As for the purchase of a service (non-continuous) – provided that the cancellation is requested within a maximum of two days, provided that the holidays are not public / weekly, that is to be two business days prior to the start of the service.

C – The process of cancellation is handled by sending a message via our customer service department (3tlabak.com) on our website. To submit your request click here

D – Request for cancellation in the event of a defect or lack of conformityIn the event of a request for cancellation due to a defect in the product or a lack of conformity between the product or service and the details related to the product or service sent to you OR in the event that the product or service is not delivered at the agreed date or in the event of any violation of the terms of the contract.

(Non-compliance) 3tlabak.com are committed to return the money paid within 14 days from the date of receiving the cancellation request.Refund the value of the amount paid to receive the product in addition to write off any future claims and commit ourselves to a written notice to exempt you of any future and obvious financial obligations, there will be no claims for cancellation fees.

If you receive the product, you must return it to the distributor / agent that we will (3tlabak.com) provide you with his / her data.

E – Cancellation in the event of a defect in the product or failure to comply with the agreed specifications: In the event of a request for cancellation, although there is no defect in the product or lack of matching in the transport, the 3tlabak.com are obliged to return the amountPaid in full for this product within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request without being required to pay cancellation fees.

We do not have cancellation fees, but if the product reaches you and you have a desire to use a serviceReturning (delivery from the customer’s house to the 3tlabak.com) You will be charged a replacement fee and not a cancellation fee.

Without derogating from the above mentioned in clause (d) and (e), in the event that the transaction is canceled in accordance with item (b) above. The transaction / continuous service (according to the Consumer Protection Law), if the start of the provision of the service and then was requested cancellation You will be required to pay the required amount “relatively” by calculating the date of receipt of the service and the date of the cancellation request.

In addition, if 3tlabak.com deliver goods in order to provide a service according to the agreement, 3tlabak.com, By asking you to pay any amount (delivery and packaging allowance) but not to exceed 100 NIS.

G – You must know: The return of products after the changed features / damaged during the possession of them, including products that are damaged and / or damagedAnd / or has been broken and / or the right of any kind of harm and / or that the packaging has been damaged and / or it has been installed in the house of the client / client.

If the product becomes worse than before, the 3tlabak.com may claim the product price.

In order to avoid damage to the product, we recommend that the product be returned in its original packaging / packaging, complete and / or without damage and / or fracture and / or defects and / or damage.

(c) In accordance with Section 14C (d) Consumer Protection Law: The transaction can not be canceled due to defect / defect in the product or lack of conformity relating to the following goods and services:

perishable goods / products.Hotels, travel, vacations and entertainment, if the cancellation request within 7 days (not to be weekly or official holidays) from the previously known date as the date of receipt.

Information specified in the 1995 “Computers” Act. (Code defines what computer / computer).

Products / products manufactured / produced specifically for the customer / customer.

Products / products that can be registered, reproduced or copied, in case the customer / customer opens the original packing / packaging.