SOKO Two-Stage Hair Mask


قناع شعر من سوكو مرحلتين يساعد على تألق وحيوية المظهر. غني بخلاصة العسل واللوز وزيوت الزيتون وزبدة الشيا. مناسب للاستخدام على الشعر المصبوغ

SO.KO is a brand that draws inspiration from the Korean-free makeup look. Alongside Korean quality and minimalism, the brand’s SO.KO products are responding to today’s leading grooming trends such as the use of 24-carat gold and a particularly glowing complexion. All SO.KO skincare products are made in Korea!
A two-stage hair mask that helps the look shine and vibrancy. Enriched with honey extract, almond and olive oils and shea butter. Suitable for use on dyed hair.



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