MILUCCA HOLD THE LINE Water Resistant Eyeliner 21


Waterproof eyeliner for shine and perfect accuracy. With outstanding ease of use, Eyeliner HOLD THE LINE is the perfect solution for creating a fine, thin or thick, dramatic line.


In a few words

HOLD THE LINE is a rich, high-gloss, water-resistant, water-resistant eyeliner


Why this is a great choice

Lightweight, 24-hour long-lasting eyeliner, you can create any line you choose: a fine, thin line or dramatic and bold. Anyone who is scared of eyeliner ,, will fall in love immediately with HOLD THE LINE that just makes life easy. Thanks to the quick drying formula, smells and stains are out of the question!


My choice…

My choice of black-eyed, powerful and shiny eyes

Product Barcode: 7290109445991



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