Milucca CC Cream




MILUCCA CC CREAM solution SPF30, is the perfect skin repair and anti-aging

In a few words

If you have never tried CC cream, this is the cream for you! A perfect skin toning solution: it hides blemishes without clogging pores, has an instant wrinkle-effect, pampering your skin with a lifting and anti-aging experience and enriching with active moisturizers.

Why this is a great choice

The list is long … First of all, it is a perfect facility for your skin tone, durable and offers the required coverage, and is enriched with soluble hyaluronic pellets that create an instant wrinkle filling effect. Secondly, the cream has skin care ingredients: chromium for lifting and brightening and collagen preservation, active moisturizers and SPF30 to keep the skin strong and protected. All this in one CC cream!

My choice…

My choice for perfect skin tone and anti-aging

Tint Selection

CC Cream 01, CC Cream 02, CC Cream 03



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