LUCCA’T ME Mascara 31


Mascara with triple action! Produces the effect of artificial eyelashes for glowing and full volume and perfect separation!


Mascara with triple action that gives false eyelash effect. Featuring a multi-use formula and a unique 3-step brush that gives a dramatic look to your lashes over time.

Why this is a great choice

Know the LUCCAT ME triple action. The first layer will provide perfect coverage and volume, the second layer will round out and flex the lashes, and the third layer will thicken and inflate the lashes for a striking and unique look! The flat end of the brush evenly disperses the formula. The hairy side makes it possible to emphasize and create a separation between the lashes, and the upper end allows to precisely define the more complicated angles of the lash structure.

My choice…

My choice for looking artificial and full of lashes



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