LET IT GLOW Powder Shimmer 200


Do you want to feel glamorous? This preservative powder comes in bulk and creates an immediate glow effect that emphasizes the face and cleavage. With an easy-to-use applicator that will add glowing touches wherever you want!


In a few words

Silky smooth shimmer powder that shines light with a translucent glow effect. Create a glittering face and reveal by spreading the preserves evenly and generously, or use a specific area to emphasize your most flattering parts.


Why this is a great choice

The LET IT GLOW is a powder made with pearls that capture light for instant glow whenever you want! The attached applicator makes this preservative particularly easy to use. Thanks to its light and velvety texture, it provides everything you will expect from powdered powder, plus glittery touches of glow.


My choice…

My choice for the ultimate shimmer

Product Barcode: 7290109444536



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