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Eyeshadow Stick EYE EYE EYE, a new generation of eye shadow! With rich ceramic texture, high water resistance and built-in sharpener. Can also be used as a liner in a variety of colors for your choice and with a built-in sharpener!

In a few words

EYE EYE EYE! A silhouette in the gum provides excellent coverage in vivid and rich colors. It blends in well with any shade and stays durable over time. Thanks to the built-in sharpener, it can also be used as an eyeliner, so you can really enjoy all the worlds!

Why this is a great choice

A multi-colored multi-colored stick silhouette featuring a wide variety of shades and effects for you to choose from matt to pearl. The lighter shades can also be used as a primer or highlights, and the built-in sharpener lets you sharpen the stick to whatever thickness you want, so you can use it as an eyeliner as well.

My choice…

My choice for an up-to-date look that stays long lasting

Tint Selection

EYE EYE EYE Shadow 405, EYE EYE EYE Shadow 406, EYE EYE EYE Shadow 407, EYE EYE EYE Shadow 408, EYE EYE EYE Shadow 409, EYE EYE EYE Shadow 410



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